Medals for finishers

Every finisher will get a medal at all of La Sportiva Prague Park Race races in 2018!

La Sportiva Prague Park Race 2018 dates!

We publish dates of our races for the next year! We will be glad to see you at the same places and on the same courses as this year, namely:

PRUHONICKY PARK | Saturday 24 March 2018 | from 11 am
DIVOKA SARKA | Sunday 24 June 2018 | from 10 am
PROKOPSKE UDOLI | Sunday 28 October 2018 | from 11 am

Entries for the first race (Pruhonicky park) will be open on December 12, 2017. Entries for next races will be open always in the week before the start of the previous race.

See you in the spring at the starting line!

Results from Prokopske udoli

We thank all the courageous for participating in the race! It was an unforgettable experience for everyone. A beautiful trail course that accompanied you with strong wind, a storm with hail, but also a bright sky and low-flying airliners. We are so glad that you have arrived!

Results can be found here:

Prokopske udoli – update

Important weather information. We have checked the situation at the place, and given the most of the course is sheltered by a slope, it looks quite good. The event will take place – also with regards to the better afternoon forecast when you will be on the course. It is possible that some course changes will occur to avoid windy plains. Also we would like highlight that participants participate on their own risk and the organizer is not liable for damage to property and health.

However, we understand the concerns of some participants, but because we did not find a suitable alternative term of the race, we offer following: If you do not want to take part in this race with respect to the weather, you can have your start fee transferred to the next year. You can choose either the race in Divoká Šárka (preliminary term is June) or again the one in Prokopské údolí (almost certainly Sunday 28.10.). However, you must report this request to us by Friday 3.11.

Thank you for your understanding, the Prague Park Race organizers





Start postponed to 13:30!!!

Dear competitors,
we checked the forecast and the strongest wind should be in the morning, then it should weaken. For this reason, and because we are trying to do the best so you would not miss the race, THE START WILL BE AT 13:30 (14 km course) and at 13:50 (8 km course). The presentation will start at 11:30. We also ask for understanding if, for example, we can not build tents for changing because of the wind.

Thank you and look forward to tomorrow!

The organizers of Prague Park Race

Warning about the current weather forecast and warning of a strong wind

The situation is monitored and we are waiting for more accurate weather forecast. We believe that the outlook will improve and the race can be fully realized. A final decision will be made tomorrow (Saturday) at 12:00, and the competitors will be notified by e-mail. If that happens, we will look for a substitute date because we do not want the race in this space to be cancelled so you can enjoy this beautiful course.

Race in Prokopske udoli is sold out

The capacity of the race in Prokopske udoli was filled. However, some starting numbers will be available at the presentation on the race day. See you on Sunday!

25% discount on NamedSport products!

At La Sportiva Prague Park Race in Prokopske udoli a sales event of the partner of the race – NamedSport will be. This premium sports nutrition manufacturer offers a 25% discount on all products! Pavel Schorna and Jan Janu – last year’s winners recommend the Total Energy Hydra Gel for 14 km course.

Video from the last year

See how last year’s race in Prokopske udoli looked! This time the atmosphere will be even better, because we have already over 250 registered 🙂 We look forward to you on Sunday 29.10.!