What are the highlights of the course?

When entering Prokopske udoli you will pass through the majestic viaduct of the “Prague Semmering”.

Natural centre of the race in the area of the restaurant “Na Cvičišti”.

Climbing the road covered by leaves – a warm-up after the start.

After this climb, the course runs into the forest path at the first kilometer.

And then, behind the fence with a razor wire, a top of a military area can be seen.

The course continues along the winding path, often a little bit muddy after a rain 🙂

On the third kilometer, the course turns to the meadow with a beautiful views of the Prokopske udoli…

…where a train often runs on the romantic Prague-Smíchov-Beroun railway.

The first technical downhill – the fifth kilometer.

There is a pleasant flat part.

And even a natural refreshment.

After a short uphill on a narrow footpath…

… another views, now over Dalejske vudoli – the seventh kilometer.

And also a “minizoo”. Currently, a horse, cow, donkey, goat, sheep, hen and dog can be seen. And somewhere is hiding a piggy. Welcome to Prague countryside!


The national reserve “Dalejský profil” is on the eighth kilometer.

Competitors can choose between a bridge and a ford. Here at the Holyne railway station before the tenth kilometer.

Another technical downhill.

The enchanting natural reserve “Opatřilka-Červený lom” on the tenth kilometer.

A little further is the “Bojiště” – stone statues by Kurt Gebauer representing fallen warriors.

On the 11th kilometer, the course turns below the bridge and starts to climb the opposite side of the Prokopske udoli.

Where a pleasant trail path with fallen leaves is waiting for the competitors again.

One of the most classified objects in the Czech Republic and probably one of the most extensive underground areas in Czechia. Unconfirmed current cover name K-116, number VÚ 2508. According to the legend, the tunnel leads up to Smíchov.

The latest technical downhill to…

…the breathtaking lake “Jezírko” a half kilometer before the finish.